April 02, 2010

Friend Fridays: Sandi Glahn's broccoli slaw

Sweet Broccoli Slaw
From the kitchen of author Sandi Glahn
Raw stems from 2 heads broccoli
1/3 c. poppy seed salad dressing (Brianna's is best)
3 T sliced almonds
3 T craisins
7 oz. can crushed pineapple, drained (optional)
Grate broccoli stems (I use the "grate" setting on my food processor). Stir in poppy seed dressing, almonds and craisins. Add pineapple, if desired. Mix together and refrigerate for one hour. Goes well with fish and chips.

Conversation Starter:  Can you remember making a mud pie? When did you? How did it feel? (And did you eat it!?)

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