April 10, 2010

Curds & Ways by Jane Jarrell

A couple of summer's ago we did a taste test of lemon curds at The Dallas Morning News photo studio, we wanted to see just what was the best curd to use for quick desserts. After a panel of tasters did the job the product winning the ribbon was Wilkes and Son, a smooth yet tart thick pudding-like treat just begging to be part of someones dessert repertoire. Layer between chunks of angel food cake. Mix two tablespoons with a can of store-bought frosting and ice cupcakes, layer in parfaits with whipping cream and fruit, slather a bit on thin gingersnaps and top with a second snap and top a rich vanilla cheesecake with curd.

For a beautiful tart, buy a prepared pie crust and bake according to package directions, fill with lemon curd and refrigerate, garnish with powdered sugar. For an interesting "tart art" look cut a design into a piece of paper, lay the paper over the surface of the filled pie shell and finely dust with powdered sugar. Gently remove the "template" from the tart and refrigerate until ready to serve. Serve with raspberries.

Let these ideas "jump start" your creativity to make quick and tasty tart treats in minutes.

Conversation starter:
Lemon curd is tart, smooth and delicious. Given the ideas above what else might you consider as a dessert option using this product?

Photos--Evans Caglage

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